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Customer feedback is important here at Waxman Training Academy and each review of our centre, either positive or negative, helps us to deliver the best possible experience to our candidates. Below you’ll find a few words provided by people that have attended courses at Waxman Training Academy:

“I would recommend the course to people within the industry, excellent introduction into solar thermal. Great approach by the trainer, highly recommended”

Sam Jackson, P&S Solar Ltd. THI-03-L

“Course fun and informative, a pleasurable experience from start to finish. Left the course with confidence and peace of mind that the trainers are available to help and give advice in the future”

Craig Smith, Solec Ltd. THI-03-L

“A very fresh, informative and quality training facility & course”

Ewen Estill, Love Solar Ltd.THI-03-L

“Absolutely fantastic – learned such a lot which will help with product knowledge. Would recommend a Waxman Training course to anyone, no matter which field you’re interested in”

Stuart Thorner, THH Services PCF-01-S

“Should use best butter on the sandwiches” - *Duly noted, although this wasn’t what we had in mind when we asked for feedback! Be assured, only the highest quality butter is now served at Waxman!!


"The practical side of the course was excellent from an installers point of view”

Simon Alexander, Alexander Electrical Ltd. THI-03-L

“Very good workshop area with access to all kinds of products. Roy was an excellent tutor and very helpful”

Mark Weatherall, Solarwall Ltd. WBM-04-B

“ Our trainer, Roy, was very knowledgeable and made things easy to understand”

Karl Mitchell, Celect Services Ltd. WBM-04-B

“Training from a real ‘nuts & bolts’ trainer! Lots to learn”

Chris Brannan, Air Con One Ltd. PCF-01-S & PCI-01-S

Feedback Scores (up to Jan 2013)

As part of our commitment to continuous growth and development, we ask all candidates to rate their experience at Waxman Training Academy using the five criteria given below:

How did people describe the facilities at Waxman Training Academy? 4.65 / 5
How did people rate the ability of the course leader/trainer? 4.88 / 5
How adequate was the course content? 4.74/5
How informative did people find the course in terms of the theory involved? 4.79 / 5 / 5
How informative did people find the course in terms of the practical element? 4.56 /5