Waxman Training Academy » HETAS H006 Internal System Chimney


Course Price Duration Code
HETAS H006 Internal System Chimney £225 +VAT 1 Days H006

Who is this course for?

Appropriate for candidates with plumbing or heating qualifications, existing solid fuel installers or those who have previously completed the H003 course, looking to learn about suitable chimneys for solid fuel and system design for domestic structures.

What are the aims for this course?

Intended to widen candidates’ range of competencies in biomass and solid fuels and learn about design, installation and notification of internal system chimneys into residential properties, the HETAS H006 training course is a bolt-on to the H003DS course. The course will discuss system components and good installation practice in relation to the various elements of a residential structure – i.e passing through walls, floors, ceilings and roof spaces as well as terminal location

What subjects does this course cover?

The course includes the following topics:

  • Design considerations
  • Chimneys, flues and terminals
  • Installation of twin wall insulated stainless steel system chimneys into residential properties.

What are the prerequisites?

Candidates must have previously completed either of the following:

  • HETAS H003 Dry Appliance Installer course
  • H005DE Biomass Installer course

What assessments are involved?

The H006 is a mixture of classroom based learning, practical learning and assessment as well as theory assessment, ensuring candidates have a total understanding of the subject matter and competencies involved for HETAS approved certification.

What do I need for this course?

All training manuals, technical handbooks and certification fees are included in the course fee.

What HETAS status do I receive?

Successful completion of this course is certificated by HETAS, candidates can register their competence in installation and testing of prefabricated twin wall insulated system chimneys in residential properties.