H001 Introduction to solid fuel

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Waxman Training Academy, Grove Mills, Elland Lane, West Yorkshire, HX5 9DZ


This course is for anyone beginning a career in solid fuel or looking to gain further understanding of modern solid fuel, its delivery and storage, as well as the associated technologies and appliances that it encompasses.

What are the aims of this course?

This course is intended for unqualified individuals to kick start their journey into solid fuels with a recognised HETAS status. After completion, trainees will be able to apply for H002, which offers additional knowledge of solid fuel regulations and standards, to encourage further career progression throughout the solid fuel and biomass industry.

What are the prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for this course as this is the introductory route to enable further progression throughout the HETAS course portfolio.

What subject areas will this course cover?

The course includes the following topics:

• The makeup of a wide variety of solid wood and mineral fuels

• The concepts of heating with solid fuel, wood and biomass

• The need for rules, regulations and standards in the industry

• The role of HETAS & its Competent Person Scheme and the roles of other bodies within the solid fuel industry

• Identifying and responding to unsafe situations

What assessments are involved?

The course has a theory based assessment monitoring candidate’s knowledge on their introduction to solid fuel and biomass technologies.

What do I need for this course?

All training manuals, technical handbooks and certification fees are included in the course fee. For the candidate application and registration process you will need your National Insurance number and a passport sized photograph.

What status do I receive if I pass the course?

There is no specific competency for HETAS H001; however it will open up further routes to achieve approved status as a HETAS Approved Retailer Showroom Advisor, Chimney Sweep, Registered Installer and eventually MCS accreditation, once all training courses are complete. You will also receive a HETAS Certificate acknowledging the training completed.

*The H001 is not on Waxman Training Academy’s standard HETAS course calendar however is available for candidates wishing to sit the course. Please enquire for further details and to book.

From HETAS H001 you can progress to H002

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